Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus “Dragons” Now at AAA in MIami

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It’s the year of the dragon at the Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus this year but Zac and Ashley had the experience of a lifetime spending the morning with Alexander Lacey and his “big cats”. Alexander is the trainer of the big cats and it’s a position he inherited from his Mother and Father who also trained big cats.


The big cat show consists of tigers, lionesses,and a regal lion named Mufasa who has a lazy streak. Alexander explained that the big cats are bred carefully and live a much longer life with the circus than they would live in the wild. They are capable of killing an antelope with one paw but are very smart and trainable. They are rewarded for their performance with meat on the end of a stick and respond by roaring or loudly meowing. One of the lionesses lay down and allowed Alexander to scratch her belly.



The Circus will be performing at the American Airlines Arena starting on January 17th and ends up on the 21st. Tickets are available here.

Wheely Speedy

Wheely Speedy
By: Kelsey Janser

kelsey skateboard
Transportation comes in all shapes and sizes, but a seemingly effortless way to glide along the sidewalks in style is via longboard. Longboarding started in 1959 in Hawaii and has appeared to become exponentially popular over time amongst people of all ages. I was fortunate enough to interview Miami event promoter Jonathan Strauss about UltraSkate, a spectacular skating event he and local Miami longboarder Andrew Andras put together that took place on January 7th and 8th at the Miami Speedway.

At the start of the interview, Strauss exclaimed that it was “an awesome day for boarding, barely a cloud in the sky.” He later added that if weather conditions became less perfect, however, “it’s just another challenge the skaters would have to face. This event is taking place rain or shine. The only way we would pause is if a thunderstorm occurred.” The timers of the 24-hour long event would be momentarily paused and the skaters would wait for the storm to pass. For the time being, though, the skies looked clear and rain-free.

When asked about his involvement in longboarding, Strauss declared that he had “always been part of the skating scene” but broke into the longboarding scene within the last few years and ended up creating the International Distance Skateboard Association (IDSA). The IDSA provides the standard regulations for distance competitions and functions, such as UltraSkate.

The overall concept of a longboarding timed distance competition has existed for years, but this is the first time it has really been developed with the whole community in mind. Strauss loves the idea of longboarding because everyone can participate: “We have skaters from all over the world, as well as people of all ages. We have a kid that just turned 7 today and he is going to try and skate 80 miles by the end of the 24-hour time frame.” Strauss and Andras invested roughly a year of planning before everything fell into place. They reached out to the Miami Speedway but felt it was a long shot. “We contacted six or seven other venues, some way out in the everglades, but we weren’t really getting anywhere.” By fate, persistence, and maybe even a dash of luck, Strauss came into contact with a former professor and through him was eventually able to secure a date at the Miami Speedway. They also received several great sponsors, such as Vitaminwater, Red Bull, Muscle Milk, and local BBQ restaurant Shorty’s.

Everything was a success. Strauss and Andras not only received a lot of support and participation from the community, but Andras ended up becoming the new record holder for the furthest distance longboarded in 24 hours. He broke the former record by more than ten miles, and skated a total distance of 261.8 miles.

Whether you are up for breaking a world record, such as the skaters at UltraSkate, or simply wish to cruise along the coast, Strauss encourages people to try longboarding. “Extreme sports are always hard,” comments Strauss, “all we want is to have people skate.” Visit their facebook page http://www.facebook.com/events/340826882677725/ for more information, pictures, and videos of UltraSkate 2013.

Who has seen Yo Gabba Gabba?

Nick Jr’s popular television program Yo Gabba Gabba has become a cult hit among the college set.  In addition to popular characters such as Muno, Foofa, and DJ Lance Rock, the show has featured a variety of musical guests including Weezer, The Killers, Devo, The Roots and Jimmy Eat World.  I’ve watched the Weezer music video and it is insane.  Presumably the musicians wanted their offspring to hone their music chops at an early age. At any rate this bunch of crazy characters is coming to Fort Lauderdale on March 23 and 24 for two shows daily at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.  Tickets are available here.YoGabbaGabba2013  We have a great upcoming interview with one of the creators of Yo Gabba Gabba so stay tuned for more fun.



High School Video Contest Using Kate Miller-Heidke’s Caught in the Crowd

High School Video Contest-

from singer-songwriter 
Kate Miller-Heidke

What Is Your Bullying Story?

 Have you ever been bullied or helped someone who was being bullied? 

Share your story by submitting a student or class-created video using Kate’s song “Caught In The Crowd” g Prevention Month

Most inspiring contest entry wins: 1 Experia Ion Phone, 1 pair of Sony X Headphones and signed Kate Miller-Heidke poster and CD

 Winner’s school wins: 1 Sony Vaio Laptop and 2 Sony Bloggie cameras 

CONTEST is open to all students ages 13-19 in a school in the US only.

GETTING ENTERED: Submissions can be downloaded AS A COMMENT to Kates’s YouTube channel or paste http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CK7lhVvPSj8 into your browser OR email a link to the video to gomoxie@gmail.com.

Entries can be a PSA, music video or lip dub. To enter, you must create a video response to the question “What’s your bullying story?”

DATES: the contest runs until FEB 1, 2013 with the winners announced on FEB 15 2013.

Papa Roach Where Did the Angels Go? Music Video/ Payphone Review

by Kelsey Janser

Papa Roach is a hard rock/alternative metal band and the sound of “Where Did the Angels Go” is just what you would expect from this type of artist.  While the chorus is somewhat melodic and memorable, the rest of the song is strident and discordant.  The video that accompanies this song is simply a rock performance with no story line. If you prefer videos that focus only on the band’s performance of their music, then this video is worth watching.  It’s fast cuts and at times blurry shots complement the angry tone of the song and emphasize its raucousness.  

Payphone Review by Max Pawliger


Today, I watched the official music video ‘Payphone’ by Maroon 5. I really like this song, but I don’t care for this video. I don’t get it. There is so much violence in the world today, why would Maroon 5 make such a violent video. Adam Levine is one of my favorites. I am disappointed Maroon 5 would take a great song and put it with a bad video. The premise behind the video is about Adam Levine, a bank employee, impressing his girl by helping her escape a bank robbery. This video has car chases, explosions, gun shots and blood. This song’s lyrics do not have anything to do with a bank robbery, car chases, and shooting. Sorry, Maroon 5, this is not your best! What do you think?