About Us

Swept Away Media is a not for profit youth media organization (a 501c3) that trains and mentors youth artists and enthusiasts who are interested in learning all types of arts skills from the visual to the media production arts.

We teach all types of visual art skills and mentor visual artists from at risk and other teen groups.

The Rock Star Stories is a television program written, edited, filmed and directed by college and high school students.

This is our 10th season on the air.

All fees earned help sustain Swept Away TV and The Rock Star Stories. Also check out our latest venture-LoonaticTv.com which is our first streaming television network.

Some of our other services include: Guerilla Marketing, Street Team,High School Sampling, & College Sampling.

We promote Movies, Video Game Releases, Product Launches, Music Releases all at prices to fit all budgets.

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youth created music and pop culture television