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The Sunstreak-A Review of “Once Upon A Lie”

Rock: the Sunstreak – Once Upon A Lie
by Marissa Liebl

Being from New York myself, the Sunstreak is one of the most talented rock bands that I have heard from the New York area. This band is made up of 5 members: Gary Foster, David Schuler, Tony Rebis, Jack Flynn, and Jason Sarkis from Rochester and have been bringing their own style of music to the world since the year 2005. Their music is completely mind-blowing and will leave you wanting to hear more. The sound is catchy and keeps you entertained. The members of this band produce a great sound that sweeps you off your feet. The groups music has shown that they have worked hard to get where they are now and that nothing will stop them to achieve their goals.
The lyrics of the songs on the album can be repetitive, yet their music seems to reflect on their feelings of having love and losing it.
The band has performed at Vans Warped Tour in the summer of 2006 and sold over 25,000 records within 2 months. They posted on the Billboard charts without a distribution deal and they were the second band in history to do this.
It has dawned on me that this band produces overall enjoyment for their fans and their progress has proved their greatness and that they can go far in the music industry.
I solely feel that this group can become one of the best rock bands in history if they set their minds to it and follow their dreams.

Off the Bus and On the Record is out!!


The news that we have been eagerly awaiting is finally here.  Off the Bus and On the Record is out and we will have our first copies tomorrow 6-23-09!

You can order your copy here.  Amazon should be sending out their copies by next Monday.

We will also have an “order button” up on our site shortly.

Meantime….here’s some pics from the book to hold you over till you get your copy. Head off here and here to watch some videos too.

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Jet Lag Gemini Cd Review


Jet Lag Gemini – ‘Fire the Cannons’: CD Review
By Shannon Weyuker The Rock Star Stories Staff
‘Fire the Cannons!’ This is Jet Lag Gemini’s first full-length album, on Doghouse
Records, following the success of their first EP in 2006 on the same label.

Calling New Jersey their home, this multi-national band (a Russian, two Romanians, and an
American) is busy touring the country to promote this new CD and their first single “Run This City”.
This pop-punk rock album kicks off with the simple song Don’t Leave Me Hanging.’ Trust
me when I say that the second time hearing this song you’ll already be singing along to
its simple catchy tune. This first track sets the tone for the rest of the album.

The melodies are great! With the Gheorghiu brothers on the strings, and Dan DiLiberto on
the drums, there is no doubt we are dealing with some great musicians. The lyrics on the
other hand could use some work!! If this band wants to make it big they need to come up
with real lyrics that people can relate to.

All in all it’s a great listen, and definitely worth checking out. You can also see them
on tour coast to coast in 2008!