The Cam Caddie and the Canon FS100 Camcorder

Welcome Spencer to The Rock Star Stories Team.  Shown here on the tour bus at Cruefest.  Spencer is shown here shooting with a Cam caddie, a handy gadget that puts a “canon xl1 grip” on a small camera.   This has shown to be invaluable in capturing the shot in a tight place while still allowing the steadiness of a larger camera.

If you get lucky enough to get a camcorder for a birthday or holiday present and are working  on a tight budget, we heartily recommend the Canon FS100 which can be purchased as a refurbished model (without SD card) at Tiger Direct/CompUSA for$199.  It shoots on SD card, no tapes and imports easily into many editing programs including Imovie9.  It has the all important external mic port which is not found in many low cost cameras and is essential for interviews.

We don’t get a cut from this or anything.  We’re only passing along a money saving tip so no one get stuck with those camcorders that use those small DVDs which are good for nothing!!!    Take it from experience we’ve seen enough disasters with those.


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