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Another Frightening Fun Location designed, built and staffed by G-Star School of the Arts for Motion Picture and Television Broadcasting and located on the studio backlot 2030 S. Congress Avenue Boynton Beach.

GStar is an excellent charter High School in Palm Beach County for students who are interested in motion pictures and television broadcasting as a future career.   Just ask Dave Lozano about it as he graduated from GSTAR last May.

You can check this one out here 

Interpol Show Review 9-19-07


by Simone Palanker

A very mod dressed crowd waited outside the Bank United center wafting for one of New York’s most popular indie bands Interpol.

The show started with opening band The Liars, and their sound was mostly psychedelic instruments, but the way they put on their set was simply captivating and did not disappoint any of the suit wearing fans.

Around 10 o’clock Interpol took stage with a set that was just as mysterious as the band, with a set of four light up squares and one screen in the back that flashed pictures of mules and eggs.

Interpol played almost every song off every album they put out plus more,  and got an ovation with the popular song “Evil”. The show and the band’s music all together is very refreshing and is something everyone should check out if they’re feeling adventurous and would like to explore the indie spectrum.

Check out Interpol’s new album  “Our Love To Admire” plus my personal favorite “Antics” and definitely go see them if they stop in a town by you.