Great American No Bull Challenge

Great American NO BULL Challenge
Deadline: April 30
The Great American NO BULL Challenge is the first, student-led National video contest and Teen Video Awards show dedicated to bullying prevention and promoting empathy, respect, and inclusive communities using the power of music and the magic of filmmaking. To enter, middle and high school students between the ages of 13 – 18 need to create a 2-5 minute video or 30-60 second PSA with a digital responsibility or a bullying prevention theme. As a result of the public voting period beginning May 6, the top 50 favorite videos by a panel of expert judges. All 50 nominees will receive a golden ticket to attend the star-studded NO BULL Teen Video Awards show.

Anoop Desai Interview by Laura Saker


Anoop Desai was a Top Ten finalist during Season 8 of American Idol. After graduating from UNC, where he participated in the school’s a cappella group, he and his friends auditioned for Idol. Anoop (or nicknamed ‘Noop Dog’) gained popularity on the show and finished in 6th place. When the show was over, he felt awkward coming back home, but knew that his musical career was not over yet.

Since Anoop did not remember much of American Idol, he seemed very focused and passionate about his new album, 3 Cheers, coming out. Anoop appeared to be very excited and proud about this album. After a lot of ups and downs he realized he needed to be true to himself and make music that he loved. The hit song on this album is “Love War”. When he performed this song, “girls would jump on stage and start dancing” and he describes the environment like there was “a change in brain chemistry when the song came on”. Desai also got involved in songwriting and has songs in the pipeline at major labels. Overall, Anoop Desai has become very successful and was able to make a name out of himself after leaving the bubble of American Idol.

Anoop stays very active on social media and uploads covers of songs on his
YouTube channel: . To keep up with Anoop follow him on Twitter: Instagram:
And be sure to check out his Facebook page:

Mindless Behavior Review by Carli Fogel


When asked about their bands name, they reply with confidence “Anybody can be mindless. It doesn’t matter if you’re two-years-old or eighty-two-years-old. Be yourself. Love who you are and love what you do, no matter what it is. That makes you mindless.” Mindless Behavior is an American boy band that appeals to R&B, hip-hop, and pop music fans. The teen quartet includes prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, and Princeton, all young energetic musicians who all started performing when they were children in the streets of their corresponding city. Their start was in 2008 when they were grouped together at a music audition. They made their way from high school appearances to tour openings and in July 2012 they successfully ventured into their own 25-city tour.
After reviewing their music, it is obvious that the group has exquisite flow and chemistry in their synchronized dance moves. Never forgetting fashion, the group dresses in unique and distinct apparel, while keeping it classy, as a way of expressing themselves. Their music incorporates techno beats with rap and soul to produce melodic songs that won’t escape your head. Today’s generation of young adults can relate to the lyrics and high-spirited tone of their music. Mindless Behavior expresses being mindless and their songs exemplify that type of positive life style. For those people that like to have a good time, jam out to catchy music, and live mindlessly, Mindless Behavior is your type of artists.

-Carli Fogel