A Review of the band Twin Atlantic “Free”

Twin Atlantic Review by Ben Pawliger

Twin Atlantic is a band not many are familiar with in the US; but in Europe, specifically the United Kingdom, Twin Atlantic is a band many enjoy listening to. Twin Atlantic is an Alternative Rock band from Glasgow, that was formed in 2007. Some of their previous top hits include What is Light, Where is Laughter? and Human After All. Twin Atlantic is a band unlike others, in that the music is from the heart and is about what the members truly believe in. The album Free which includes some fan favorites such as Free and We Want Better, Man is an album with many types of songs. The album gives listeners a little of everything, with love and relationship songs, party songs with a party vibe, some old fashioned alternative rock songs, and even some pop songs too. The music can give listeners the chills while hearing the work on Free. Its not often that you find music like this, which is music that is based on a true emotional honesty. That, makes listening to the music on Free an even better experience. I recommend the album to any Alternative or Rock fan, because this will be a new favorite for you. Even if you are not an Alternative or Rock fan, I still recommend you listen to Free, because this is the kind of music that can be enjoyed by everyone.

An Interview with Bret Lockett NE Patriots Safety and Musician


by Ben Pawliger


During the 2011 NFL Lockout, some players like Drew Brees are working hard, some players like Chad Ochocinco Johnson are having fun, and some players, like Bret Lockett are trying something completely unique for a football player. That, is singing. Bret Lockett, a safety for the New England Patriots, decided one day that he wanted to not just spend his life playing football, but also singing.

Bret is a R&B/ Rap artist, and has already started creating music. When I asked him what it is like to be a Professional Football player while a musician at the same time, he said it was different and unique and a good experience. Some of Bret’s inspirations for his music are Tupac and Jay-Z. Bret filmed his music video, Let’s Go in the Dominican Republic, which Bret described as the experience of a lifetime and a life changing adventure. But wait, there.s more. Bret is also a model and designs athletic attire and regular attire. You can check out Bret’s music video, Let’s Go right here.


Katy Perry ET feat. Kanye West

A Review of Katy Perry ET feat. Kanye West
by Paige Prine

Katy Perry has made quite a few top charting songs since her last cd titled “One of the Boys” which featured her most popular single, I Kissed a Girl. A new favorite to all radio listeners, ET, features another popular artist, Kanye West. This song is featured on her CD “Teenage Dream” with other popular hits California Gurls and Teenage Dream. The music video has a very futuristic theme to it; showing lots space and terrestrial shots. Katy Perry floats around sculpted just like a “futuristic alien” searching for her long lost love. He is foreign to her and long lost. This song is very upbeat and fun to listen to. Since the words tend to repeat every chorus, listeners can usually pick up the words near the end of the song even on the first time listening. Make sure to check out all the other songs on Katy Perry’s album “Teenage Dream”.