Angel Taylor Review


by Sami Ponoroff

If you looks up “Angel Taylor” on Wikipedia it says: “Angel Taylor is a pop singer-songwriter based out of the Los Angeles area..,” but, if you listen to her debut album, Love Travels, you will know that does not begin to describe her. Taylor’s lyrics are catchy, bubbly, up-beat, and make you want to smile. Each of her songs has a different rhythm and all have the potential to be hits—it seems like Taylor must have spent years critiquing everything until it was just right. And her efforts are not without triumph; over the past year Taylor has performed with hit artists, such as: Adele, Brett Dennen, Mat Kearney, and Five For Fighting.
I could go on to praise Taylor, but I feel that the only way to “get it” is to really hear her. If you are interested, you can buy Angel Taylor’s debut album, Love Travels, on iTunes or Amazon.

Twilight: New Moon Review


by Vanessa Paredes

It’s here. The highly anticipated, overly hyped, oh so talked about film: New Moon. The second installment of the Twilight Saga hit the big screen this November and you can bet your life savings that the lines were outrageous and theaters were sold out all over the nation. Fully equipped with a new director (Chris Weitz), New Moon definitely out staged the production of Twilight, but not by a long shot. If one thing is for certain though, it’s that Edward Cullen is about to blend into the shadows and a new obsession will arise; his name is Jacob Black.

In New Moon, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) couldn’t be more awkward with each other, and there is a reason behind it. Edward plans to leave forks and Bella behind. He does so early into the film, and the “break up” shakes up the story line, bringing forward Jacob black (Taylor Lautner) to our attention.  Once Bella really starts warming up to her new “friend” another fantastical secret is unraveled. Vampires are not the only non-humans roaming around Forks; Jacob and his “clan” take the form of wolves in order to “protect” the town from vampires, or at least the evil kind. Naturally, Jacob falls in love with Bella while Edward is absent, and this creates a chaotic love triangle that will be a major theme in the movies to come. Just when it seems like Bella is finally warming up to the idea of liking Jacob back, Edward is forcefully engrained back on to her feeble mind when he makes a phone call to the Swan residence for the first time after his disappearance.

Bella gets on a plane to Italy faster than you can say vampires are not real, in attempts to save her soul mate from killing himself. Edward had been misinformed that Bella had passed away, and finds only one solution: plead with the Volturi (Organized coven of vampires) to take his life, which is no easy task, being a vampire and all. The Volturi consisted of the best actors in the film, including big shots such as Dakota Fanning playing Jane, and Michael Sheen as Aro. How the movie ends is yours to figure out.

New Moon shouldn’t break a sweat impressing the teenage female population. Weitz incorporates all the right elements, and some of the scenes are beautifully done. Although the movie does lack decent actors, because let’s face it, Robert Pattinson can’t act to save his life, the movie-goers will still sink their teeth into this vampire fantasy flick. In addition the film was successful in staying true to the book, which will hopefully keep the Twi-hard’s complaints to a minimum.  So get those movie tickets and enjoy the era’s newest craze.