Fun Stuff and Other Opportunities



Enter our Global Youth Village Video Contest between March 6 -April 15,
2009! Create a 120-second “video ad” about “How I can change the
World.” The winners will receive full or partial scholarships to this
summer’s program.

You must be ages 15-18 and a US citizen

Videos should not exceed 120 seconds and answer the question “How I can change the world”

You must read the official rules

Videos should be uploaded to the Youtube Groups page at:

Videos should be submitted between March 6- April 15, 2009

For more information go to NEWS at:

*************************************************************************************** Nordic Youth Film Festival

Deadline: 08 April 2009

The Nordic Youth Film Festival (NUFF) is a FREE festival screening
films created by young filmmakers, ages 15-25. All genres for short
films up to 20 minutes long.

NUFF is also calling young film interested people, ages 15-25, for
submission for the NUFF film-workshops. Making a film in five days from
the idea to the finished film. International professional filmmakers as
workshop mentors with international participants in the exotic
atmosphere of the midnight sun of Tromsø, Norway.

More information on

Entry form for the workshops

MTV Casting for New Show

MTV is casting students (ages 16-21) in NY, NJ, CT, PA or MD. only.

So here’s the scoop: It’s a new pilot for MTV wherein young people take their personal disputes to a celebrity judge for resolution. Basically, it’s a professional way to settle teenage drama J MTV will stage a mock court where a celebrity judge will hear the cases being presented by mock trial students.

MTV is interested in hearing all kinds of stories!

For example: Do you have a friend that always borrows money and never pays you back? Did someone start a rumor about you that has had lasting effects? Did someone bring uninvited guests to your party who trashed your home or disrespected you? Did someone take more credit on a group project than they should have? Did an ex vandalize your property, like keying your car? Have you been defamed on-line by someone in your school?

Want more info? Go here or email them at for more info on how to apply.