Plug In Stereo’s New Album

By Kelsey Mosesman

Nashville, TN



Grab your headphones and prepare to fall in love. Plug In Stereo’s new album; Self Titled was newly released on September 2nd, 2014 through Atlantic Records. The whole album costs $8.99 and consists of 9 fun and upbeat songs. The Genre of the album is alternative however in my opinion it is an extremely likeable album and is hard to press skip if it comes up. There isn’t a specific  age group for this album however there are a lot of aspects about relationships and love therefore I think anyone around the age thirteen to late twenties can relate to the lyrics in the songs. Trevor Dahl has decided that this will be his last album with Plug in Stereo. He began singing and playing music at 15 years old . A couple years ago he signed to a record label and hasn’t gotten the experience he wanted out of it. He said that he loved playing music freely and now he plays the music that he thinks will please his record label. He has recently been experimenting with different styles of music than the style he has written and performed for plug in stereo. Trevor says “Songs should be felt, not forced.” He will now be releasing new songs as Trevor Dahl.  This album is by far the best in my opinion. His songs are upbeat and fun and it makes me want to jump in the car, roll down my windows, feel the sunshine of my face and just sing. What are you waiting for? Buy the album and enjoy!!