Contest: Gavin Rossdale in Orlando


We’re giving away a pair of tickets to see Gavin Rossdale (exBush member and husband to Gwen Stefani)

In Orlando at Hard Rock Live this coming Thursday 4/3

If you can go and rock out, send us an email info @ the rock star

And let us know how the show was afterwards! Thanks to John at Universal Music for the tickets!

Black Tide Shines

By Alison Sikes

With a name like Black Tide, it’s evident that this band’s music is far from cute and safe. Although all the members of this metal band have yet to reach the age of 21, Black Tide has developed a mature sound like that of Velvet Revolver and Megadeth. Their debut, Light From Above, is a strong start for the Miami-based foursome. Black Tide is different from the rest of their genre due to their incorporation of different styles of music into their songs. “Warriors of Time” combines Latin flair and classic rock into an awesome head-banging jam. While “Light from Above,” the title track of the album, uniquely pairs classical piano and heavy guitar riffs together. Black Tide’s first single “Shockwave” is a great, quintessential hard-rock song: fast, heavy, and haunting. Black Tide shines bright with a Light From Above.