Gifts to Give and Get

The Indie Rock Coloring Book


Diana Ciuca

I don’t know what c
ould possibly be more indietastic than a coloring book filled with a bunch of alternative artists that also donates “all royalties” to charity! When I somehow stumbled upon this beautiful book, and then later found it on, I was instantly mesmerized. To remind my boyfriend at the time of how indie I am, I bought it for him and we colored it together. Honestly, it was the cutest gift I’ve ever given anyone and one of the funnest to use. After giving it, along with all of my Twistables Crayons, I felt a great loss. The following weeks, I finally bought 3 more books from Chronicle Books, the official seller of the books (other than the Yellow Bird Project, the actual collaboration selling the book). The Yellow Bird Project sponsors several charities all thanks to band contributions. They act as a non-profit merch store, practically, connecting caring bands and their awesome shirts, sweats, and coloring books, to fantastic charity organizations. Not only is the book amazing, but it’s also for a fabulous cause. Here’s the Chronicle Book’s link to the site. If you use the coupon GETBOOKS, you get around 50% off and/or free shipping; but hurry since the sale is only for a limited time!

A Guitar Hero Covenant


First there was Guitar Hero. Then came Rock Band. Now the latest version of a guitar video game has arrived: Guitar Praise. From the makers who brought you Dance Praise and Veggie Tales, Digital Praise’s Guitar Praise focuses on clean and enjoyable gaming for everyone. Unlike its predecessors, Guitar Praise’s playable songs are from Christian artists. You are now able to test your guitar skills on music from bands such as Hawk Nelson, Family Force 5, and Flyleaf. Guitar Praise requires no specific gaming system. In fact, all you need to play the game is a computer. This aspect alone makes Guitar Praise a great gift. More importantly, because the music in Guitar Praise is wholesome and yet head banging-worthy, everyone from your little sibling to your grandparents can enjoy playing, a rarity among games. Be sure to check out Guitar Praise for the holiday season.





The Combover Bag


The hottest gift this holiday season: the Combover. No, not the Donald Trump hair combover but the Combover bag by Crumpler. Unlike the hairstyle, this type of combover is quite tasteful. The bag has a navy blue and deep red color scheme complemented by a neutral Rolex-watch inspired interior print. The Combover bag also has Velcro attachments and a padded shoulder strap to make sure the bag is not only stylish but comfortable. The Combover bag is designed to perfectly fit your 15” laptop as well as any other items you would need to carry with you. It has six different pockets and compartments that can outfit any thing, from pens to an iPod. Move over expensive designer brands, Crumpler’s the Combover is the latest it-bag.

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