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 Review by Katie McMullen

Ben 10 Alien Force by Katie McMullen

1. Publisher- D3 Publisher
Date released- October 28, 2008
Price- $39.99
Platform- Nintendo Wii

2. Genre- Action

This game is based on the television show Ben 10. But, it  is not part of a series of games.
This game was fun but some of the parts were kind of hard. For example, we did not know how unlock new aliens and at first we had a lot of trouble when it came to jumping but, we eventually got the hang of it.
I would say that children 10 and up would be good ages for this game.
Out of 1-10, 1 being the least and 10 being the greatest, I rate the difficulty level a 7.
This game enabled you to choose different kinds of aliens all with a different power. Arcade games and online games usually don’t  enable this.
I believe that this game was fun to play. My friend and I had a lot  of laughs during this game and would definitely play it again.
I would want to play this game over again. Unlike Halo3, you can continue your game the next time you play.
The graphics of this game were like a cartoon which will make it a   good seller for children.
I liked the sounds of the game and how the aliens would talk. There was no music for this game but I didn’t think there needed to be. I thought the sounds suited the game perfectly.


 Lili’s Review
Penny Racers Party: Turbo- Q Speedway

1. Publisher- Tomy Corporation
Date released- October 20, 2008
Price- $19.99
Platform- Nintendo Wii
Genre- Driving

This game was really fun, especially if you try the bowling car level. My friend and I had a lot of laughs playing this game. The skill level was a little easy but the levels were appropriate for the younger ages.
I think that 8 and up are good ages for this game.
Out of 1- 10 with 1 being the easiest, I rate the difficulty a 4. This game was fun to play. At first we didn’t know how to drive the car, but after a while, we became good at it.
The graphics of this video game were like a cartoon and it would be great for little kids to play.
On this video game, there was no music. Although, it did make sounds when you crashed and I think those sounds were suitable to this game.



The third title in the “Fatal Fury” fighting game series from SNK Playmore makes its way onto Xbox LIVE Arcade! Terry and Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi and 12 of the toughest titans are in one of the biggest matches of the millennium. Set in Southtown, a fictitious American city, players must compete against the ruler of the underworld Wolfgang Krauzer. To check out

· “Fatal Fury Special,” visit here.




Reel Deal Casino Gold Rush is title for those who want to play casino games or do not want to leave their house. From a gamer’s perspective of this, it is a relatively boring title, considering that it requires a knowledge or a willingness to learn an amalgam of different games. If you are a casino game lover or love a multitude of different card games, then this game is for you. There are slot machines, but that is the only thing remaining outside of card games. There are a few bonus games, but considering that they are pure luck games, there does not seem to be much fun in it.  The online updating and the online play clients are poorly made and do not work very well. From a casino gamer stand point this may get a 3/5, but from a hardcore gamer’s standpoint, a 2/5.  By Blake Adickman-The Rock Star Stories






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