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These Hearts “Apology Rejected” music review

by Kelsey Janser

These Hearts is self-described popcore band. Popcore is a genre that has recently emerged and blends pop with hardcore/punk rock. In fact, the song contains a pop melody well matched to the lead singer’s pleasant voice that is occasionally interrupted with bursts of screams. The lyrics are hard to hear due to the style of the song, but if read by themselves, are beautifully written and full of meaning. The periodic outbursts were off-putting to me, but may not be for those who accept and enjoy all aspects of this genre.

Close Your Eyes “Digging Graves” music review

Close Your Eyes is a melodic hardcore/Christian hardcore band whose songs often contain the theme of faith. Although the lyrics and music video of this song are not overtly Christian, the message expresses a desire for earthly harmony and good will. While I enjoyed the song, the music video did not enhance the overall experience, nor did it seem to support the lyrics’ message. The music, however, was absolutely worth listening to and motivates me to hear more from this band in the future.

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