10 Tips for Interviewing Music Personalities


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1.  Make the interviewee comfortable with your first question.   Example:  How’s the tour been so far?  What kind of crowds have you experienced this tour?

2. Find 10 points of interest that you want to talk  about during the interview.  Don’t be afraid to check out other interviews that the artist has done in the past online.  If you want to know what’s different now or what has changed, you have to find out what they said before.

3.  Get a fan’s perspective.   Find someone who LOVES the band besides yourself.

4. Make sure your questions don’t bring just a “yes” or “no” answer.   You want open ended questions.

5.  Sometimes a goofy question breaks the ice and loosens up the interview.  One of our favorites:  What would you put in your customized hot pocket?

6.  This is so important but everyone is guilty of neglecting this one sometimes:  The day before the interview make sure the place, time and location of the interview is locked down and you have a contact cell number and they have your contact cell number.    This week alone we spent four hours searching for a publicity rep for a label whose phone was disconnected and that directory assistance didn’t have the new number.  He didn’t respond to our email until the evening which would have ruined our chance for the interview had we not had some expert help finding the tour manager.     Get the info a day in advance and this won’t happen to you!

7. Do your research but don’t let it drag down the interview.

8. Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous and creative.

9.  Be pleasant and happy in your demeanor.  Bad karma wrecks things.

10. Be sure to follow up with links to your finished interview or a DVD copy for the publicist.   Thank yous are important.

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