A Gavin Winner


Gavin Rossdale (above)

Hope Jonathan or Jonathan’s girlfriend doesn’t mind we’ve re-printed this here.

I just wanted to email you guys to thank you so much for the opportunity

to goto the Gavin Rossdale concert.

My girlfriend and I were able to get in for the meet

and greet with Gavin. It was really cool to meet him,

and he was very nice. The record reps took some pictures,

so hopefully I will be able to get some of them sooner

or later and forward them to you guys. Following meeting Gavin,

we were able to hangout in the “VIP” area with all the record reps,

so this was definitely a really awesome experience.

I owe a huge thanks to you guys for making it all possible.

Plus, I needed a break from all of my writing classes

at USF, and this was perfect!

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