Alison’s Review Laura Izibor


Laura Izibor Lacks Originality
By Alison Sikes

Singer/piano players generally do not emerge from Dublin, Ireland and it should stay that way. Though only 20 years old, Laura Izibor has the powerful voice of a woman far older and more experienced than her age. Though Izibor has a great vocal and piano playing prowess, she fails in originality. Iizbor’s debut EP Live From Crawdaddy, Dublin is a live album of songs sounding exactly like those of Alicia Keyes and Joss Stone. While there are gems on the EP such as the song Look At What You Got, overall Laura Izibor’s music is forgettable. Live From Crawdaddy, Dublin is just another compilation of songs you would hear at the nearby Starbucks.

One thought on “Alison’s Review Laura Izibor”

  1. Actually she has more originality in her recent songs. Carousel is a very authentic and pop infectious song. Bringing in her experienced vocals and great back-up vocalists. Shine’s poppy soulful meodies and sweet honey like vocals.
    Give her a chance. Cause most of the time,
    African-American Women can sound like Alicia Keys on Live Piano Only songs.
    If you can’t tell their vocals apart.

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