Family Values Tour Review by Simone Palanker

korn-111505.jpg When the show “Family Values Tour” comes to mind, a person’s first instinct is to think of children and parents in a nice setting, sitting around listening to family music in somewhat of a picnic setting. But when the band Korn puts on the show, it is a completely different story!

The day starts off with a sea of chain metal pants and black clothes and makeup. Mind you it is a 93Degree South Florida day with a chance of rain. The day started with a band called Droid who started off the heavy metal fest with a bang.After the Droid set was over, the tour took a turn to the more pop-y Goth rock type with bands like Flyleaf whose set was surprisingly good and the band Trivium.When the girl-led band Evanescence took the stage, the rain started to fall which added to the dramatic style of lead singer Amy Lee’s voice along with the rock/goth ballads the band is known for. The crowd stood in the rain through it all cheering the band on from start to finish but seemed overjoyed when Evanescence’s set was over because that could mean only one thing. The headliners were about to start.

Korn took the stage in the normal heavy rock band style with flashing lights, loud riffs and a lot of jumping. But all in all, Korn can stil put on a good show despite a new back-up vocalist who was just running around the stage like a mad women, and it was rather distracting. Korn played every hit and every note was perfect with die-hard fans like me singing along. The band played an encore which started one of the largest lawn pits I have ever seen. So no matter what anyone says out there, Korn’s still got it and the Family Values Tour was a hit.

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