Katy Perry-Ur So Gay CD Review

Ur So Gay Is Anything But


Can’t wait for new Lily Allen music any longer? Katy Perry has got you covered. Her debut EP, Ur So Gay is a fun and fresh take on the female pop music genre. The title track Ur So Gay is a tongue-in-cheek ode to a certain famous ex-boyfriend and his questionable sexuality. While Perry’s soulful vocals are exceptional on the song, what makes Ur So Gay enjoyable are the lyrics. Perry croons lines such as “I can’t believe I feel in love with someone who wears more makeup than me” and “you need SPF 45 just to stay alive,” making Ur So Gay the right combination of facetiousness and kitsch. Also on the album is a cover of The Outfield’s Your Love. Perry’s version, titled Use Your Love, gives a new take on the song by amping up the guitars and adding a heavier rock edge to the 80s classic.  Ur So Gay is a great preview of what is to come from Katy Perry in the near future.

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