Cd Reviews

by Laura Saker



“Chains of Love” by: Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams is not new to the music business that’s for sure. He has released numerous albums already and his latest album, Ashes & Fire, includes the song “Chains of Love”. The music video was recently released and was a hit. Since Adams is an alternative singer, his music usually does not appeal to me. However, when I heard this song, it changed my perspective. This song is great because it is easy to listen to and does not resemble a crazy rock song at all. In fact, the song reminded me of a Coldplay song, which is a very popular band that appeals to many different music interests. I would recommend this song to anybody because it has meaningful lyrics and a great melody.


“Underground” by: Jane’s Addiction

Jane’s Addiction has a released their second single, “Underground”. It is true Jane’s Addiction music because this song is hardcore rock. However, I really liked how the guitar portion was compatible with the vocals. I also thought the music video was very well made and went well with the lyrics. I would recommend this song to anyone that listens to rock bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers. I could for sure see this song being played a lot on the radio soon.


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