The Plain White Ts Re-Issue First CD


On November 6, 2007 Fearless Records will be re-releasing STOP, the Plain White T’s original full-length album. The reissue is fully remastered and includes three never-heard tracks from the band’s previous studio sessions and new artwork. Vocalist Tom Higgenson describes the album as more of a diary of his past life and believes some of the best song he has ever written were on STOP.
“I truly believe that some of the best songs I have ever written are on this album” Tom Higgenson, vocalist Plain White T’s

Plain White T’s STOP (Reissue)
Track Listing
1. Stop
2. Please Don’t Do This
3. What If
4. Fireworks
5. Leavin’
6. Shine
7. Your Fault
8. Happy Someday
9. A Lonely September
10. Can’t Turn Away
11. Penny (Perfect For You)
12. Radios In Heaven
Bonus Tracks:
13. Cinderella Story (UnReleased Bonus Track)
14. Bruises (UnReleased Bonus Track)
15. Lets Pretend (UnReleased Bonus Track)

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