Your image will get you everytime……The mystery artist was Hanson.


From YahooNews 

Listeners tuning in to Chicago alternative rock station WKQX (Q101) on August 9 heard a catchy, guitar-driven track called “The Great Divide,” followed by an announcement that the song was produced by a “mystery artist.” It quickly became the most-requested song on the station and was put into power rotation by the programming department.  After 3 weeks the station revealed that the artist was “HANSON”.  The band saw a 95% increase in digital downloads during that time period.

“The station wanted to let the song speak for itself,” pianist/vocalist Taylor Hanson said. “We were really happy they allowed people to hear something new and different.”

The band, which is gearing up for a tour to support its latest album, “The Walk” — released in August on its own 3G Records.  The brothers are all married now and Taylor and Issac have children.

Do you think Hanson will ever outgrow it’s  MMMboop past from 1997?

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