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Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus “Dragons” Now at AAA in MIami

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It’s the year of the dragon at the Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus this year but Zac and Ashley had the experience of a lifetime spending the morning with Alexander Lacey and his “big cats”. Alexander is the trainer of the big cats and it’s a position he inherited from his Mother and Father who also trained big cats.


The big cat show consists of tigers, lionesses,and a regal lion named Mufasa who has a lazy streak. Alexander explained that the big cats are bred carefully and live a much longer life with the circus than they would live in the wild. They are capable of killing an antelope with one paw but are very smart and trainable. They are rewarded for their performance with meat on the end of a stick and respond by roaring or loudly meowing. One of the lionesses lay down and allowed Alexander to scratch her belly.



The Circus will be performing at the American Airlines Arena starting on January 17th and ends up on the 21st. Tickets are available here.