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Eminem Relapse: Refill Review

Eminem Relapse:Refill Review By Samantha Ponoroff

Eminem’s Relapse:Refill caters to two different completely different audiences. On one hand, these CDs are perfect for one who loves to kick-back and relax, while, on the other hand, these albums are also great for one who loves to go out and party. That is the magic of Relapse:Refill, its ability to adapt to which ever situation it may be in.
Despite being absentee from the music industry for so many years, Eminem has made a seamless transition from the old to the now, a few things abstaining, of course. To begin, Eminem continues to put “skits” into his CDs, as always. These skits, although childish, are imperative to the CD because they serve the dual roles of breaking up the CD and helping the listener understand the different stages in which Eminem went through in his relapse and recovery from drugs. And yes, the CD does need to be broken up; even the most avid Eminem fan will notice the CDs extraordinary length.
On the other hand, there are a few unsavory things about Relapse: Refill. To begin, on some of the tracks Eminem’s voice sounds completely different–and not a good different (you can hear it on ‘Buffalo Bill’). In addition, fans of Eminem’s famous extended choruses (i.e. ‘Mockingbird’) will be very upset: the choruses on these CDs are MUCH shorter. Lastly, Relapse:Refill carries a much more lighthearted tone, in comparison to Encore and Curtain Call.
Moreover, there are both many good and many bad things about Relapse: Refill. No, Relapse:Refill does not compare to many of Eminem’s earlier albums, but it is still Eminem, and it is not bad.

Check out some of my favorite tracks!: ‘My Mom,’ ‘Insane,’ ‘Hello,’ ”Old Time’s Sake,’ ‘Underground,’ and ‘Music Box.’