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An Interview With Fefe Dobson


Fefe Dobson Watch me Move Video

by Alison Sikes NYU

Alison Sikes: How is it going? How were the VMAs?

Fefe Dobson:  I’m doing great. The VMAs were great. It was fabulous. I did a MTV pre-VMA show with Cobra Starship. We judged a couple bands. Cobra guys were really nice and super chill. They seem like they have a good time.

AS: It’s really funny because I went to Fashion’s Night Out the other night (http://www.fashionsnightout.com/) and I saw both you and Gabe Saporta (of Cobra Starship) that night. What events did you go to?

FD: I went to Kiehls. It was awesome. Everyone was doing karaoke. So much cool energy. People were dancing. “Single Ladies” came on and everyone was on the floor, doing the dance, getting down on the ground. I was like “I love Kiehls. This is great.”

AS: Going with the whole fashion thing, how would you describe your style?

FD: I would describe my style as whatever I see and tickles my fancy, I put it on and go. I’m a vintage gal. I really love finding special little pieces and rummaging. In Toronto, we have a huge vintage/thrift store scene. I got a faux-fur jacket for ten bucks and that is what it’s like in Toronto. Vintage is vintage and that’s what I love about it.

AS: Do you think you’ll visit any thrift stores in New York City during your free time here?

FD: I am going to try to for sue. I love street shopping in New York because people make original pieces like jewelry. I find it really pretty.

AS: You new album, Joy, comes out in the upcoming months. How is it different than your previous albums in terms of your sound, inspiration, etc?

FD: As persons, we all grow. If you stay the same person, you have to worry. When I made the first record entitled Fefe Dobson,- very creative name- I was just hitting my teens and now, I am in my early twenties and have evolved from that point. I have gone through different experiences and so, my writing is going to come from a different place. I’m going to feel differently, dress differently, and look at people differently. That comes across [in my music] because that is your art and just like a painter or a poet, they grow and their work becomes a little bit more of a picture.  I think that there is more beauty when things get older and things grow up like my work. I feel like it’s becoming more beautiful to me because it’s growing up for me.

AS: What parts of your life did you draw inspiration from for this particular album?

FD: I drew a lot from love. I always do. I love love. All you need is love. I draw a lot from love and loss. For some songs, like there is a song called “Paranoia” on the record now and that was me being bit paranoid over odd things. I love this song “People are Strange” by The Doors and he describes how he feels how people are always lurking around. I kind of feel that way with cameras. I always think when you’re changing in the changing room that there is going to be a camera in the room. I heard a story about a man that used to put a camera on the tip of his boot and when he walked, he’d look under girls’ dresses. I kind of went there a little bit on that a paranoid feeling as being a women and never really knowing what is lurking behind you or in the changing room. I write about things I’m feeling.

AS: I have to ask the corny question, what kinds of things bring joy to Fefe Dobson?

FD: What brings joy to me? Some good food. I love a good meal. I dance when I eat. I’ll be on the street and if I eat something that is good, I’ll say “Oh” and my foot starts to twitch. Just some good food and I’m in heaven.

AS: It just so happens that Mike Myers is also from your hometown of Scarborough, Ontario. Seeing that he is a funny guy, do you consider yourself to be a funny person?

FD: I try to be. I can make my friends laugh. I can make my best friend crack up. I think she is lying to me. She laughs at everything I say.

AS: When you first came out, I can remember your music being all over the Disney Channel. Now, current Disney stars like Miley Cyrus and Jordin Sparks are all covering your songs. What is that like for you?

FD: It’s pretty wild. It’s hard to describe because they’re not songs that have been out for year and I’m like 55 years of age.  I just made theses gonad n they were on the record, it’s pretty crazy.

AS: What are your plans for the future?

FD: Making more records, making more music, producing. I hope one day I can be like Tina Turner. Be 60 years old, still rocking out with great legs and not feeling like I’m going to fall apart or break.