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We’re playing the video by the band LUDO that is called_______   on Loonatic TV (www.loonatictv.com).

Send us an email at info (at) loonatictv.com and give us the title of the LUDO video we’re playing!

On 9-15-08 we’ll do a random drawing of all correct entries and award special LUDO PRIZE PACKS to the winners.  We have free download cards and t-shirts and cds to give away to the winners so get your entry in NOW!

Alison’s Review Ludo


No Love For Ludo
By Alison Sikes

Island Def Jam Records has a reputation for producing incredible hip-hop music acts and it should stay that way. Their latest venture into the world of pop-punk music is a band called Ludo. Ludo’s debut album You’re Awful, I Love You is less than stellar.  The cause of Ludo’s mediocrity is that their song lyrics do not match up with the actual music. Ludo thrives on creating moog-heavy, upbeat accompaniment but their lyrics tend to be more “emo” than happy, For example, their song “Love Me Dead” refers to a girl’s body as a coffin and in “Drunken Lament,” Ludo claims “self-loathing is quaint.” On top of this issue, the vocals on the album are too commercial and unoriginal; each song sounds just the same. Ludo’s Your Awful, I Love You should be retitled “We’re Awful, I Don’t Love You. “
You can check out Ludo here at their myspace page.