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Hot Chelle Rae- A review

by Alex Rivera


Hot Chelle Rae is an up-and-coming band who, by the looks of their video “I Like To Dance,” is a carbon-copy of everybody else. The video looks like Cobra Starship’s “Good Girls Gone Bad,” the song reminds me of something off of Metro Station’s CD, and the video in it’s entirety makes me think that it was produced by Lady Gaga. Even the lead singer has a slight resemblance to Gabe Saporta.

All the video is is a bunch of people jumping around in weird costumes and masks, a bunch of TVs, a girl that get’s in trouble for hosting the party at her job at an electronic store, oversized glow sticks, and barely any footage of the band except for the lead singer. This video basically has every aspect of every other video made by other bands, completely ripping off their styles and music.

The band also makes frequent use of the name of their album “Lovesick Electric” throughout the song and even in the effects, aka the big words “LOVESICK ELECTRIC’ popping out at you during every bridge of the song. It gets ridiculous after a while and you can tell that there is a complete and total lack of individuality throughout the entire song.

This band is completely unoriginal. The cover art reminds me of Boys Like Girls’ debut album, and to me it seems like yet another bunch of scene kids trying to make it big in the industry. However, being signed to a label and trying to be like another band rather than setting yourself apart from everyone else in the scene isn’t going to get you very far.