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The Book-The Rock Star Stories


So they say if you have written a book, you should blog about it before it comes out…..here’s our first attempt at telling you about our book.

Swept Away Tv began in 2000 with some very funny interviews and very humorous interviewers!    The one thing they all had in common was that they all loved music.  We had Nicole Shevloff and Michelle Nash, Travis Sheft, Zac Rich and Jeff Hendler just to name a few.   Over the years Kiersten Koppel and Kelly Blanco, Alison Sikes, Brittany Rich, Tommy Monger, Brittany Reeber and a host of others have been featured online and on air.  If I’ve left out your name, feel free to yell about it!!!

The Rock Star Stories  book is a compilation of interviews from our favorite bands:  bands like The Academy Is, Jack’s Mannequin, My Chemical Romance, New Found Glory, Against Me, The Rocket Summer, Rooney, Metro Station, The Starting Line, Eisley, The All American Rejects, Ace Enders, Cobra Starship, CKY, Gym Class Heroes, Dave Melillo and more. It should be out sometime next summer, about July 2009.
The book is being edited by Aaron Burgess (Alternative Press, Spin magazine and More.  Feel free to check his blog out here and you’ll be impressed because we were!!   The publisher of the book is Orange Avenue Publishing and Zest Books who published the book Indiegirl among others.  Their editorial intern staff help select the interviews and gave additional input into exactly what should be in the book.  We’re pretty confident it will be a winner.

Over the next school year, we’ll keep you up to date with what is happening with the book so you can share in the excitement.  Thanks for being a part of this.

Indie Girl Contest-Book autographed by Meg and Dia


The book Indie Girl is do-it-yourself guide for artsy girls that helps them to unleash their creative talents. If you’re into designing clothing, organizing a poetry slam, starting a band, or publishing a ‘zine, you will love this book!

We even got our copy autographed by the most indie girls we know- Meg and Dia who aren’t connected with the book at all.

We’re giving away our autographed copy in a random drawing on March 1st! We gave away the other autographed copy to a lucky journalist at the last press conference with Meg and Dia.

If you want to enter, send us an email with your name and email address to info (at) the rock star stories (dot) com. We’ll let the winner know on March 2nd.