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Gifts to Give and Get-Supercharged Leather Iphone 4 Case

by Paige Prine

Supercharged Leather Power Case

Have you ever been out and have your iphone batter blink red 20%? I know i have plenty of times and regret not being able to charge it where i am. When you have a lack of power outlets where you are, no fear, the charging Iphone case is here! I had theprivilege of being able to use this case on my phone. Right when i received this case, i went into my room and grabbed my phone charger. De-tatching the USB cord from the power plug, you are able to use that to charge your case with the cord provided in the box. After letting the case charge overnight, you are ready to go in the morning. I decided to leave the case in my bag so when my phone was going to die, i would have my backup charge. Finally, the moment of truth came later that night. I opened my case and slid the phone into place. The case was so easy to operate on as it was charging my phone. It even has a fold over protection cover for the front screen on your phone to prevent scratching. Unbelievable! Unfortunately, this case is only compatible with the Iphone 4.Even though the case might be a bit pricey to buy, it is surely a great investment.