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Jungle Rot, Within the Ruins, OTEP and Destrophy

by Shai Cohen

The music video medley that I just reviewed was a very hard metal/ screemo type of music. I, being a Hip Hop and R&B fan, didn’t very much enjoy this music. The compilation that I listened/ saw had the artists Jungle Rot, Within the Ruins, OTEP, and Destrophy.  If I was a heavy metal, loud yelling, and heavy guitar riffs type of person I think that I would have definitely enjoyed this mix. I cannot imagine going to a concert like this because by the time I got out, I would probably be deaf.  I additionally would be bored because I can’t stand to hear the same beat over and over again. 

Blame Yourself by Zack Fresh and CyHi the Prynce

Shai PicsmBy Shai Cohen

I just reviewed the music video Blame Yo Self by Zack Fresh and CyHi the Prynce. I found this song to be a great combination of R&B and moderate Rap. I found that the singer Zach Fresh has a very sultry voice like that of Neyo and Usher. CyHi Prynce has a great sound for rapper, he is not hardcore rap, but just mild enough so that everyone can enjoy it. The message that they are sending about is that you shouldn’t hate regardless of looks, religion, abilities, and or fame. I think that the overall song is amazing and it will appeal to people who enjoy many different music genres.


Zydeco Bounce

by Shai Cohen

Shai Picsm


zydeco bounce

I just reviewed the music video “The Zydeco Bounce”. Zydeco music is a type of music that is a mix between Creole and Cajun music that comes from the bayou of Louisiana. After listening to the song several times, I came away with a very pleased feeling about it.  The same kind of feeling you would get listening to the Cupid Shuffle or the Wobble.  I feel that this song is a great inspiration for Louisiana, in terms of the entire trauma they have been through from Hurricane Katrina. I see it as a great theme song for all of their colleges, Tulane and LSU. I also see it as an amazing wedding party song as the steps are very easy to learn and all of the energy it has. I would give this song a positive review because it is very catchy. My one concern for this artist, TK Soul, is that this song could be a One Hit Wonder. On a whole I enjoyed listening to this song very much.