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Alison’s Review of “Word of Mouth” by Timmy Curran

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By Alison Sikes
       Once regarded as one of the world’s best surfers, Timmy Curran’s newest plan is to forgo the salty waves of the ocean and instead, ride the melodic waves of the music industry. Unlike many athletes-turned-musicians whose music careers proved that they should stick to playing the court and not instruments (i.e. Shaquille O’Neal), Timmy Curran is just as talented at playing music as he is at surfing.

A mix between surf-rocker Jack Johnson and chart-topping Coldplay, Timmy Curran’s Word of Mouth is a great debut album. Tracks such as the alluring “Daylights Coming” and the eclectic “Slow,” make Word of Mouth enjoyable for any occasion. Also on the album is “Blue Eyes,” an up-beat, acoustic guitar-driven account of a man becoming a better person because of the one he loves. Though he has not been in the music scene for a long period time, Timmy Curran has a soothing and developed sound as established as his musical counterparts.

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