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ASHES DIVIDE’s new and highly anticipated CD “Keep Telling Myself It’s Alright” lived up to the hype. This CD was both magnetic and poetic and will be fresh new tracks for all alternative listiners out there.

The guitars on this CD completely complemented the rest of the tracks on here, meaning when they needed to work with a piano or have a little meat, they did just that. There’s been a lot of different thoughts on whether or not the songs sounded like APC, and personally I think some did, such as the song “Enemies”.

The lyrics and vocals were personally the biggest highlights for me on this, mainly because in every song the both flowed perfectly. Over all this CD was very impressive. It wasn’t boring or repetitive, nor was it simple and plain.

It had a nice touch of intricacy and also the pure sound of alternative music. If your a fan of this kind of music, this CD surely won’t disappoint.

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