CD Reviews by Melanie Heminger

Priscilla Renea – Hello My Apple
When cruising in the car with your mother, and you hear a little cute song on one of her radio stations and you share that moment where you both can agree on liking the song, well thanks to the talented Priscilla Renea that moment is coming your way. Her sound is much like Colbie Caillat with a Janelle Monae R&B twist. When entering a CD you hope for something different and new with each song, and with Priscilla Renea’s EP ‘Hello My Apple” it is possible. With each song she can connect with copious amounts of generes. She is signed to the well known Capitol Records, and is giving audiences everywhere something unique to look forward to. Out of five stars this young talented musician is four, and girls pop the cd in your car so your mothers can check it out too.

Drive A – Loss Of Desire
The pop-punk scene may no be able to handle another Green Day inspired band, but if it can manage one more, then make way for the Los Angeles, CA’s band Drive A. They are for fans of bands such as: Billy Talent, The Gallows, and Alkaline Trio. Dive A has the same sound as many punk bands these days, but could be right up some other punksters ally. They however will be on tour this fall with: The Almost and The Used. If the tour is coming to a town near you it would not hurt to buy a last minute ticket. Out of five star Drive A gets a two and a half.

Tyler Hilton – Better On Beachwood
Some of you may know Tyler Hilton as Chris Keller from the few episodes he filmed for One Tree Hill, but he is trying to prove that he is a serious musician through his love ballads on his new EP titled “Better On Beachwood.” The minute the first song plays on your computer, I must admit you won’t think it is anything special, but wait for the the second song to play. Your ears will be soothed with a calming love song that will take you away from all your worries for just a few moments, and you can just relax. To have a song give you such an effect is a powerful thing, however, the whole EP seemed to lack his full potential that we saw with that one song “Don’t Forget All Your Clothes.” This EP gets a two and a half stars out a five stars, but I don’t get me wrong it is not a complete flop, but just not as great as you know it could be.

Black Gold – Rush
If your into indie music that no on has ever heard of, Black Gold might just be the band for you to add to your iTunes library. Their sound is so original I can’t pinpoint a genre it would exactly fit into, and this is not a bad thing, but rather refreshing. Black Gold is for fans of Death Cab For Cutie if I had to gear it in some direction. Their CD “Rush” bring soft mellow tunes as well as soul filled rock ballads, and is something that we rarely get to see ith bands these day. The sound is versatile and could really be the next big thing, and if not I would deffinatly expect one of their songs to be featured on an Episode of MTV’s The City. Out of five stars Black Gold’s CD Rush gets a four and half.

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