Dan Black “Symphonies”

Dan Black “Symphonies”

by: Dina-Marie Kolman


From the choir-like bellows and trip through a captivating starry night sky, to the stroke  of the first drum beat, Dan Black has us hooked. He compels his audience to spin wildly through the song and accompanying video of humor, passion, and addicting melodies.   Black presents his track “Symphonies.” Please sit back, and enjoy the show.

The song “Symphonies,” alone, is absolutely addicting. With its meaningful lyrics,  “Gimme more than the life I see,” Dan Black yearns for more, hunting for deeper       meaning in life and the desire to broaden his experiences. “Symphonies” is a blended fruit drink. It consists of fresh, funky rhythms, catchy chants, and a groovy, flowing style. Its accompanying drum beats and sounds of an orchestra are the drink’s rich base and     driving pulse. As if garnished by a  miniature umbrella, Dan’s quirky, clever lyrics, like  “hocus pocus,” sit amongst the harmonies, appeasing the listener’s ears. Like the large chunks of ice that aren’t entirely blended, this   songs has some flaws; It has a repetitive chorus and a very minimal voice range. Just some minor icy chunks, yet nevertheless, refreshing and enjoyable.

The music video assists the lyrics and song in coming to life. Each word of the song is
transformed into a movie scene, including the lyrics as the movie credits. The creativity  here is simply remarkable. Black’s video takes us on a ride through time and across    continents. This shows his desire to explore and find the entertainment, beauty, and  meaning in the world.

How ingenious it is to connect prospective and retrospective styles! From a 1940s  romance film, to an action-packed Godzilla movie, to Western films and Asian too, this     video sends us on a journey. Oh, did I mention horror pictures, cartoons, and futuristic scenes too?

In a well-designed music video, Dan Black’s song “Symphonies” shines. The video’s
morpheus quality allows unique, artistic scenes transform into each other. Just a dazzling bonus to an already tremendous track. Hope you enjoyed the show!

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