Howl: Empires A Review by Alison Sikes

finalhowl-1.jpg When the name Empires came separately to minds of lead singer Tom Conrad and guitarist Max Steger, they knew that there was something special about their new band. Whether it was due to the alignment of the planets or just plain fate, the genesis of Empires is as extraordinary as their musical sound. Their debut album Howl is a unique blend of musical styles and sounds.

Songs featured on Howl include “Hayley,” the perfect bittersweet acoustic ballad and “Modern Love,” a dance-worthy fusion of funk and rock.   Despite the lyrical analogy in “Midnight Love” about hell and deception, the combination of these lyrics with a strong bass line and seductive vocals makes “Midnight Land” a surprisingly enjoyable song. Empires hopes to inspire listeners with their use of simple melodies and joyful sentiment in “Believe,” a track reminiscent of that of The Beatles.

Though this quintet has only been in existence for less than a year, Empires is destined for a long career. Empires’ Howl will have fans screaming for more.

Download “Howl” for free here. 

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  1. I thought I would point out that Tom Conrad is not the lead singer in Empires, Sean Van Vleet is though. And while Max Steger is a guitarist for the band, Tom Conrad also occupies this position.

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