Katy Perry ET feat. Kanye West

A Review of Katy Perry ET feat. Kanye West
by Paige Prine

Katy Perry has made quite a few top charting songs since her last cd titled “One of the Boys” which featured her most popular single, I Kissed a Girl. A new favorite to all radio listeners, ET, features another popular artist, Kanye West. This song is featured on her CD “Teenage Dream” with other popular hits California Gurls and Teenage Dream. The music video has a very futuristic theme to it; showing lots space and terrestrial shots. Katy Perry floats around sculpted just like a “futuristic alien” searching for her long lost love. He is foreign to her and long lost. This song is very upbeat and fun to listen to. Since the words tend to repeat every chorus, listeners can usually pick up the words near the end of the song even on the first time listening. Make sure to check out all the other songs on Katy Perry’s album “Teenage Dream”.

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