Scary Kids Scaring Kids Self Titled a Review


Scary Kids Scaring Kids: CD Review
By Tommy Monger

This time, Scary Kids Scaring Kids have taken their music to a whole new level. It seems as if everyone is agreeing their new self-entitled CD blew every thing else away that they’ve done, and I couldn’t agree more. The variety, the production, the feeling, and the edge were all there in every song and it seems as if one right after the other toped the last one.

From the short intense intro to the short “intermission” towards the end, every thing was set up and done perfectly. Some people will say that there’s not enough screaming or that they’ve gone softer and that’s really their opinion. Some people like screaming more then others, but if you’re the kind of person who enjoys it and doesn’t care if it’s in every single song, then you should have no problem with this CD.

Personally, I think they sat down and figured out where and where it didn’t belong to reach out to more people. A lot of these songs reach out to a very large fan base, which I’m sure Immortal Records is loving even more from SKSK. Plain and simple, this CD is for those Alternative/Rock fans out there that enjoy their music, you’ll most likely enjoy this CD in its entirety.

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