Tom Finally Gets a Date with Delilah


According to,  it has taken several years but Delilah DiCrescenzo is finally giving Plain White T’s singer Tom Higgenson a date.  DiCrescenzo is the inspiration behind the band’s fictional song ‘Hey There Delilah’.  DiCrescenzo will attend this years Grammy Awards with Tom.

Delilah DiCrescenzo, 24, the Olympic track hopeful who inspired song-of-the-year nominee Hey There Delilah, will accompany Higgenson, 28, to the Grammys.

The two met through a mutual friend. Higgenson wrote Delilah to impress his new crush, but she wasn’t interested, and the long-distance romance depicted in the song is fiction. The single went to No. 1 in Billboard last summer. It’s up for best pop performance by a duo/group and song of the year.

 She didn’t give him a date for years and still didn’t even when the band made the radio charts, but now she will give Tom a date because they are nominated for a Grammy Award.



Jet Lag Gemini Cd Review


Jet Lag Gemini – ‘Fire the Cannons’: CD Review
By Shannon Weyuker The Rock Star Stories Staff
‘Fire the Cannons!’ This is Jet Lag Gemini’s first full-length album, on Doghouse
Records, following the success of their first EP in 2006 on the same label.

Calling New Jersey their home, this multi-national band (a Russian, two Romanians, and an
American) is busy touring the country to promote this new CD and their first single “Run This City”.
This pop-punk rock album kicks off with the simple song Don’t Leave Me Hanging.’ Trust
me when I say that the second time hearing this song you’ll already be singing along to
its simple catchy tune. This first track sets the tone for the rest of the album.

The melodies are great! With the Gheorghiu brothers on the strings, and Dan DiLiberto on
the drums, there is no doubt we are dealing with some great musicians. The lyrics on the
other hand could use some work!! If this band wants to make it big they need to come up
with real lyrics that people can relate to.

All in all it’s a great listen, and definitely worth checking out. You can also see them
on tour coast to coast in 2008!