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From RooneyJuice.com


Photo credit: Sharona Feder

The book “Off the Bus and On the Record” includes “22 Candid Rock Interviews by the Teen Journalists of the Rock Star”. One of those interviews being with Rooney.

“The reader will be exposed to a very personal side of each artists and gain insight to what really goes on backstage of a concert; it is an opportunity to see artists in a new light,” said Zac.

Brittany noted that the interviews could not be compared to interviews that appear on MTV. According to Brittany, the musicians were more personable around “low-key teenagers” like the Rich siblings. She added that many of the interviews occurred “while the musicians were still living out of vans, before they were media trained.”

“The book includes old interviews from bands before they became huge such as Fallout Boy, Maroon 5, and My Chemical Romance,” said Zac.

Popdose mentions that even though “most musicians are still crass, dull, selfabsorbed, and none too bright” Rooney comes of as “bright and funny, without being puerile”.