20 Innovations that have Changed the College Experience

images7.jpeg images2.jpgYou’ll like this list and check the article out here (From College Happenings.com)\

1. Cell Phones

2. Multi-Player Online Gaming (XBox live anyone)

3. Digital Video Compression (youtube, myspace videos)

4. Skype (Free calling)

5. Google and Google Search

6. The Internet

7. Textbook Cds and DVDS

8. The Ipod

9. File Sharing Online

10. The Laptop

11. Printers in color and high resolution

12. Text messaging on your cell phone

13. Touch Screens

14. Online classes

15. web applications like aim1

16. wifi

17. Mini coffee-making machines and Starbucks on campus

18. Energy drinks like Redbull

19. MySpace and Facebook

20. Tivo

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