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6 Steps to Youtuber Success Stories


Everyone wants to be a successful youtuber star.  When SweptAway Tv started there were no YouTube stars.  The first videos were short and very low quality.  The key words and tags were still important but the total number of videos uploaded were small compared to now.  Now you really have to break through the clutter so following these 6 steps will help you get started

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  1. Don’t follow everyone else.  You’ve got the make your own TREND or unique idea.  Following will just bury you in the pile with everyone else.  The open boxing videos are saturated.  No more junk in the blender videos.  What can you do that is unique and different?1
  2. Video production tools are easy to find and relatively affordable versus 10 years ago.  3 point lighting will always help to make your videos look more professional.  Consider the background that you are shooting against.  Plain colors work better than busy prints.   You can always start with your smartphone and work your way up to a better camcorder or SLR that shoots video.3
  3. SOUND I can not emphasize how important sound is.  Whatever you use to shoot should have a mic  and  headphone jack.  If  the video is great but there’s no sound you are out of luck.  Canon makes a very inexpensive camcorder for under $200 that has both a mic and headphone jack.
  4. Be patient.  You should promote your channel on all of your social medias, add it to your email signature and tweet regular messages about your content with links to your channel.  It takes time to build a following.  See if you can get a return tweet from a celebrity with many followers.
  5. Add more channels as you grow.  Keep the same theme but add other viewpoints, opinions, variation to additional channels.6
  6. Add crew members as needed but with some ingenuity you can start alone.  Grab a friend to run the camera and listen to the sound for you.  Work together but you remain the focus of the channel and draw viewers in. SATV brittany koval and  fashion segment at Teen Angel_jpg

Hope these tips get you started on your way to YouTube success.  Be sure to check out the archives of the Swept Away TV videos.

Christian “King” Combs signs to Bad Boy/Epic Records-Puffy’s 18 year old son!



Gifted songwriter and rapper Christian Combs has signed an exclusive recording deal with Bad Boy Entertainment/Epic Records.

‘King’ Combs, as Christian is known, took to Instagram to express his excitement over being able to spread his New York City-inspired sound worldwide: “Yesterday was the greatest day of my life — it was the day a dream came true. I got signed to Bad Boy and Epic Records. I’m extremely thankful for everything that God has blessed me with and I will never take it for granted. Music is something that’s been part of me my whole life. #Epic #Badboy we got this!”

Christian ‘King’ Combs, the son of Sean “Diddy” Combs and model Kim Porter, was born on April 1, 1998. Inspired by iconic New York City rappers Nas, Notorious B.I.G., Mase, and Puff Daddy, ‘King’ is one of the founders of rap organization CYN. CYN is a crew of young up-and-coming rappers who make diverse sounds that represent the NYC culture. Stay tuned for news of the first new music to arrive on Bad Boy Entertainment/Epic Records from ‘King’ Combs!

Instagram: @KingCombs
Twitter: @KingCombs


Above is a Adidas pop-up store.

No more stores, no more malls, no more pop-ups???  Can you imagine what that will look like?

By 2025 physical stores as we know them will no longer exist. A new study has reaffirmed Millennials’ significant role in disrupting the shopping experience, and the need for retailers to become omnichannel to stay relevant.

According to one expert, early tech adoption is imperative: “By 2025, we will be exposed to a new shopping world in which the value of a physical store will no longer be measured in sales, queuing will not exist, any surface will be a storefront, customers will be able to find and buy any item at any time, and clothing will be shared, tried on virtually, and printed at home.”

Printed at home with our 3-D printer?  I’m ready are you?
(Via Chain Store Age)

The Warped Tour 2013 by Alex Goldstein

This past Saturday on July 27, 2013 at the South Florida Fairgrounds, A music festival called “ Vans Warped Tour” was held. This concert, which comes to South Florida every July, is the biggest music festival in the area next to the infamous “Ultra Music Festival.” Although the weather at one point seemed almost as if a category five hurricane struck, it would not stop these die-hard music fans from enjoying the music at this once a year event.

The many different genres of music attracted fans of all music types stemming from Rock to Dubstep to Rap. The concert lasted from 11Am-11Pm and most of these fans were there for all 12 hours. There were over 80 bands and musicians on 9 different stages including the main stage…the famous and renown Cruzan Amphitheater which holds 19,000 people alone.

Many of these music fans have waited all year for this day and surely got their share of fun as many were lined up to get autographs and take pictures with the musicians from each band. As opposed to all the other concerts I’ve been to, at this one I witnessed the most “ fan-friendly” musicians, and most of them went “crowd-surfing” and offered to take pictures with the fans as well. Since their are nine different stages, no person is strictly held to one band as they have a large variety of music to listen to. If they are not intrigued by one bands music they can simply walk to the next stage and see if they like that band a little more.

Many of the bands promoted the use of a “ mosh- pit” which is a style of dance where music fans push and slam into each other purposely. Many of the fans seemed to have the time of their lives as they were going wild in the middle of the mosh- pit. The peak of the night seemed to be “Crizzly” who was the last artist to play at the festival. Crizzly is a dubstep D.J from San Antonio Texas and is known for making dubstep remixes to the top songs out on the radio. Crizzly sure knows how to make any normal song a crazy party song. In conclusion, The Vans Warped Tour is the perfect music festival for music enthusiasts of all different genres.