The Movie Defiance a Review by Desire Orr


The movie, Defiance gives a new story about the Jewish people escaping the grasp of the Nazis and living through the war. It’s more of a Moses leads the Jewish people out of Egypt story, where Tuvia Bielski, played by Daniel Craig, is Moses, his neighbors in the ghetto are the Jewish slaves, and Belarus, Poland is Egypt.

When Tuvia and his brothers Zus, Alexander, and Asael Bielski escape to the Belarussia Forest after finding their family dead, they run into some of their neighbors and take them under their wing. Throughout their journey through the woods they come across more neigbors and family members until their number measures in the hundreds, forcing the Bielski brothers to lead, help take care of, and fight with hundreds of men, women, and children.

Defiance is hands down the best Nazi war movie I’ve seen in my generation, there’s something for everyone in the movie, you’ll go “aww” at the love scenes, sit up stick-straight and gasp at the violent war scenes, cry at the sad and happy scenes, and double over laughing at the comedic scenes.

In this film the composition along with music makes you feel every bit of their anxiety and  in turn makes you feel every bit of their joy and triumphs. You root for their victory and cry for their losses and throughout the film you never feel yourself settle down as they hadn’t.

The film quickly puts you into their situation and helps you to see The Holocaust in a whole new light. The Bielski brothers aren’t bad on the eye either, actually they are kind of nice on the eye. There is the love aspect that the more mushy of us would like but the action scenes are cool for everyone. Overall the movie will forever be burned into my brain along with Tuvia and Zus.

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