5 Ways to Find Free New Music Online

 Check this list out as well!

1. Spiral Frog

Register for a free account and then it says all downloads are legal and free. This site did not work well on Firefox on a Mac. Hmmmmm. Worth a try for you PC users.

2. Ruckus

Ruckus is free if your college joins up and gets a membership. Ruckus offers unlimited free downloads from a music library of over 2.5 Million tracks and over 4,000 movies and TV programs. Ruckus music downloads are 100% legal, virus free and available to anyone who has a valid school (.edu) email address and whose school signs up. I couldn’t find another way for students to sign up. If you know another way, please email us and let us know. Seems like a great site.

3. Jamendo

Free legal downloads from emerging artists from all over the world.

4. Songza

Songza doesn’t allow downloading but acts like an Internet jukebox for music and then makes a custom playlist of the music you find. I search for Jason Reeves for example and found several live tracks that I never heard before. Jason Reeves is amazing by the way.

5. Free Music Zilla

This site features a program that you download which enables you to download legally from Last.fm, IMEEN and Pandora. Says that it has no adware or spyware and that the program is super light. Let us know if you check it out. Worth taking a look I think. Not supported by Mac so that lets us out.

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