celebrates 15 years on the web! Celebrates 15 Years on the Web

The “go-to” resource where musicians and key business professionals

survive and thrive in a highly tumultuous industry
Columbus, IN– Music websites have come and gone and only a few remain in such a volatile industry. Now with 15 years going strong, is not only a pioneer of Internet music forums, but it has evolved into the most important resource site on the web for musicians and those in the Independent music industry.


Since 1996, has created a wide variety of options for Independent musicians, industry members and music lovers. Now, in 2011, they have become the top worldwide resource for various music genres, the latest music and music-related news, articles, industry buzz and much more. There are now thousands of subscribers to the Indie News e-newsletter, and by following their key philosophy of understanding the basic needs of each and every visitor, the company has grown into a successful and booming resource in the music industry.

Suzanne Glass, Founder and Editor, started as a hobby in 1996. She brought the site to where it is today by maintaining a strong vision, authoring hundreds of articles, and being called upon to serve as a key spokesperson at numerous music industry events such as the Millennium Music Conference and Atlantis. Paul Bultman, Vice President and Audio Director, co-founded the company. Aside from a decade of working in recording studios, he oversees song placement and contributes to the massive day-to-day operations of the site. With years of ambition and dedication, together they are a force to be reckoned with. is clearly proof of that.

With a growing number of pages, from only 5 at the very start, is on the leading edge of how people surf the Internet. Loading up their ever-expanding database with a collection of everything from Independent bands to up-to-date venue information, it’s never been easier to navigate with only the click of a mouse. They have also begun to compile the first original Independent music industry directory, featuring thousands of artists with streaming audio, prestigious monthly and annual awards, reviews, news, and much more. In addition, the site has recently added CD reviews and artist promotional packages as part of their many options for musicians. The new offerings were based on the demand of Independent artists and their representatives, who know that receives an enormous amount of traffic each day.

Continuing to hit all the right chords with artists, media and more, is not just a destination on the Internet, but a place where “serious musicians surf.”  Be sure to check them out.


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