Miami’s Own Cris Cab

Cris Cab Interview by Rachel Barrick

Cris Cab, a 17 year old singer/musician from Miami, Florida is on the verge of becoming one of the next big artists in the music world. He is an extremely talented young musician with a positive, “it’s all good” attitude toward life and his music. Cris’ inspiration came to him at a very young age, as music always just came naturally to him. Since he was young, he was always surrounded with music, and it became a natural tendency of his to have music play a major role in his life. Music has always been a passion of his, and performing and producing it is all he has ever wanted to do

. Cris’ major influences in music include artists such as Bob Marley and John Mayer, along with more modern, hip-hop artists Jay-Z and Drake. His favorite genre of music is reggae, which can be heard in much of his own original music. Cris’ music is incredibly meaningful, portraying his immense talents and positive ideals, and is the type of music that can most definitely be enjoyed by everyone. Cris writes and produces his own original music, along with recording a few cover albums in order to draw in listeners and expose them to his music. His musical talents, however, are not limited to singing, playing guitar, and producing. Cris, as he put it, plays a “smorgasbord of instruments” as well. Cris’ ultimate goal as an artist is mainly to expose people to good music, and to show them what has given him his love of music and formed his passion for it. In reaching this goal, he hopes that being a musician and performing his music will be a part of his life forever. Cris begins his East Coast tour on June 7th, 2011; the same day on which his debut album, “Foreword” will be released.

Some of Cris’ songs on this album include “Good Girls” and “No Hatred”. Fans can get his music on iTunes, and can listen to it on blogs, and Facebook. Everyone can check out Cris and his music on his website, his Facebook page, Cris Cab Music, or on Twitter at Cris Cab Music as well.

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