The War on Drugs

The war on Drugs

Baby missiles & come to the city

Baby missiles

Baby Missiles is an upbeat, catchy, alternative rock song by the American Indie rock band, The War on Drugs. The Music video is clips of videos taken by the band on tour. Some of the videos include clips from on the bus, views of American farmland, and even some sights in Rome. Throughout the video though are some odd-looking shapes and patterns. The clips fit perfectly though with the video, creating a gentle and exciting tone throughout the video.

Come to the city

Come to the city is one of the War on Drug’s most popular hits, due to its catchy tune and its feel good attitude that results from listening to it. The music video shows clips of girls throughout and in between the clips are moving red lines. The tone of the video fits great with the music selection. Philly’s Indie group has once again created a great music video.

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