Lil Boosie and David Guetta


by Jake Wasserman

Twenty-eight-year-old Lil Boosie has been a rapper since 2000.  He is not very popular in comparison to other rappers.  He did feature in a once very popular rap song with multiple artists, “Out Here Grindin’,” by DJ Khaled.  Currently, he is serving a 4-year jail sentence.  He presents rap music with a very simple beat to rap over.  His rhymes are right on.   In “Dime Piece,” he likes to reiterate his chorus.    In the music video for “Dime Piece,” many camera shots are at a strip club with him dancing with the girls.  Also, many shots are shown with him reading lyrics out of a notebook.  By depicting this image of him reading lyrics out of notebook, he is showing is everyday life: writing lyrics.  To enjoy this artist, you have to really enjoy rap, since his music really is not about the beat and instruments, even though the snare drum is used constantly which is a great addition to a rap song.  His music is more about the lyrics and style of rap.

David Guetta, a 43-year-old French House music producer and DJ, has been popular all over the world.  His music has been topping the charts and people cannot stop dancing to his music.  One of his newest hits, “Where Them Girls At,” has been a hit all over the radio.  This tune is very upbeat and gets people stomping their feet and bopping their heads.  The beat that David Guetta gives to the song is simple, yet listeners never get bored of it.  In the music video, he features the two artists singing in the song, Nicki Minaj and Flo-Rida, who nail their lyrics down.    It starts out with a camera shot over a city with skyscrapers with bubbles everywhere.  David Guetta is featured on top of a skyscraper as a DJ.  Overall, David Guetta keeps on topping the charts in Hip-Hop and Dance music.  He is one of the best artists today that produce dance music.

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