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How Indie Filmakers Can Get Their Films on ITUNES


From a blog post by Scott Kirsner at his blog CinemaTech located here

Apple doesn’t make it easy for Indie filmakers to get their films on Itunes.  Here’s some organizations that have had success doing it.  Your best bet is to contact one of these companies and work through them.  Let us know how it goes!

New Video seems to be getting a lot of full-length features onto iTunes, including “King Corn” and “Bomb It,” both recently-released docs, and Henry Jaglom’s “Eating,” from 2004. They also connected Ed Burns with iTunes for his latest film, “Purple Violets.” Here’s their contact info.

Shorts International in the UK has distributed a few dozen short films through iTunes, including the recent Oscar-winner “West Bank Story.” Here’s the page that explains how to submit your film.

The Independent Film Channel (IFC) has a handful of features on iTunes, including “Four Eyed Monsters,” “Does Your Soul Have a Cold?” and “Before the Music Dies.”  Contact info here, here, and here.

Mediastile is the company that offered Sundance short films earlier this year on iTunes. One of these films, “Sick Sex,” is currently #2 on iTunes’ list of best-selling shorts, sandwiched in between two Pixar shorts. Mediastile also handled “The Tribe,” a short film that played at Sundance in 2006, and was briefly an iTunes best-seller last year. Their website is  here.

If you have an indie film or shorts that you’like to see on LoonaticTV, send Zac an email at info (at) loonatictv.com and he’ll work out the details.