Angel Taylor Review


by Sami Ponoroff

If you looks up “Angel Taylor” on Wikipedia it says: “Angel Taylor is a pop singer-songwriter based out of the Los Angeles area..,” but, if you listen to her debut album, Love Travels, you will know that does not begin to describe her. Taylor’s lyrics are catchy, bubbly, up-beat, and make you want to smile. Each of her songs has a different rhythm and all have the potential to be hits—it seems like Taylor must have spent years critiquing everything until it was just right. And her efforts are not without triumph; over the past year Taylor has performed with hit artists, such as: Adele, Brett Dennen, Mat Kearney, and Five For Fighting.
I could go on to praise Taylor, but I feel that the only way to “get it” is to really hear her. If you are interested, you can buy Angel Taylor’s debut album, Love Travels, on iTunes or Amazon.

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