Kudos for Gaby Wagner!


Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel 

A Swept Away Tv cast member since 2002, Gaby Wagner, a senior at Pinecrest High School in Fort Lauderdale has been honored for her work starting Project Noah’s Arc. She started the not for profit group when she was in the ninth grade. Through her organization, she has donated $2,500 to such diverse causes as animal preserves in Kenya, Abandoned Pet Rescue in Fort Lauderdale, MuttShack Animal Rescue Foundation in California, which helped animals in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and Ada Cole Rescue Centre in England.

An equestrian accident didn’t deter her from that mission. She was kicked by her year-old horse in July 2006 and required 250 stitches. She was blind for three weeks.

Gaby has also been named Miss Boca Teen and Miss Palm Beach USA.

We are so proud of you Gaby!

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